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Bitcoin Gambling Script - Features


We've over seven gambling games that can be used by your audience. Our product also supports five coins with more being added every month.

Bitcoin Gambling Script - Security

Anti-Fraud & 2FA

Our code comes with anti-fraud measures to protect you from referral abuse. The users can also utilize the 2FA module to protect their accounts.

Bitcoin Gambling Script - Support

Stellar Support

Our gambling script comes with robust support. We're focused on providing effective, stellar support to our users and clients.

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Bitcoin Gambling Script

Wagerfly will give you the chance to create your own custom gambling platform with handpicked provably-fair games, fully optimized for mobiles and other great features. We've picked our games and tokens carefully to ensure the gambling experience is one of the best in the industry.

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin
  • Crashes, Dice, Roulette, Treasure Hunter
  • Coin Flip, Lottery and Rock Paper Scissors
  • Rainbot, Self-Hosted Bankroll
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Extensive Features

7 Games to Play

There are over seven games to choose from. The games are picked carefully to ensure that the users have the best gaming experience.

Automated Betting

All the games come with an automatic betting option to ensure that the players can play algorithmic bets. Some users prefer to play a lot of bets in a short time.

Tipping & Rainbot

There is also a tipping feature for your users. The user can send tips or make it rain on their friends and other players. An excellent choice to make friends and reward your favourite players and friends.


To help newbies get started quickly, the script also provides a faucet for users to claim from. Faucet configurations are also available.

Affiliate Programme

Affiliate Programme with different configurations is also available for the users. Robust anti-abuse detection code is also included to prevent frauds.

Two-Factor Authentication

Users can add their email address, change the password and even activate two-factor authentication to enhance the security of their account and funds.

Self-Hosted Bankroll

Eager to get investors? No problem, we also have a self-hosted bankroll feature for your business.

Social Gaming

The script also comes with an instant messaging chat-room with channels feature. This is perfect to build a vibrant community of players.


The script comes with a blogging/news feature. You don't have to use WordPress now; your users can stay updated just by opening the Blog page.

Cryptocurrency Gambling Script


This is a perfect solution if you're planning to start your own cryptocurrency or Bitcoin gambling website.

License is for one domain only, but the domain can be changed anytime with no limitations at no price.

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  • Provably Games

    5 Games (+Verification Page)

  • Multi-Coins Support

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin

  • Other Games

    PvP & Lottery

  • Bankroll

    Self-Hosted Bankroll

  • Faucet

    In-built Faucet

  • Affiliate

    Included (+Anti Fraud)

  • Updates

    Free Updates

  • Installation & Setup

    Free Setup

Starting Gambling Business Made Friction-Less

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